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 Hi there! I’m Annie and i’m so excited to be able to share with you my life, my love of crafts, and my love for cooking and baking! I am married with 4 wonderful children. My children are my life and my husband is my best friend. My husband is a former Marine whom we are extremely proud of,  so from time to time you will see me talk about our military experiences and our fond memories which we are thankful for and hold dear to us. We proudly support our troops ( thank you for your service!) . We have traveled all over and have moved quite a bit…and  have learned to adapt and overcome , it’s made us stronger. Marriage is not easy…parenting is not easy….but we work at it constantly and I look forward to sharing with you our lives. 

 I am a jack of all trades, which can be good and bad with all the never ending knowledge and projects I start. I have to confess, I am a bit of a fabric and pattern hoarder but I am counting on my viewers to motivate me to dive in, share my creations, creativity, advice, passion and knowledge! My hobbies consist of making jewelry, hair accessories, embroidering, hand stamping, vinyl, wood work, sewing, cooking, baking, crafting with my children ( I am a former substitute teacher and preschool teacher) and my absolute favorite is to spend time with my family ( which will be my  most cherished hobby to share). Thank goodness my husband is extremely supportive of all my en devours! 

 I have to causes that remain dear to my heart, Cerebral Palsy and supporting victims of sexual assault/childhood sexual assault/ abuse. When I was a young girl, my Uncle’s first son was born with CP due to the Doctor’s fault. My cousin has been confined to a wheel chair , he can not eat through his mouth ( he has a tube), nor can he talk but the love he has shared over the years and his strength , along with the admiration I hold for my Aunt and Uncle surpasses words. My cousin is my inspiration in life and he has taught us all about faith and courage. I’m a supporter of  supporting victims of sexual assault/childhood sexual assault/ abuse is due to being a Survivor myself at the hands of my step father. I speak out as often as I can because I believe in using my experience to help others understand that are not alone and that there is healing. I was fortunate to miraculously survive, however I live with PTSD.  

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you find it useful and enjoyable! 




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